Ink Cartridges

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Installing an ink cartridge should be fairly simple, and your instruction manual will have a step-by-step process.

If you don't have the manual any more, you can usually find it online by typing the make and model of the printer followed by the word "manual" into your search engine.

The new cartridge has the wrong number on it!

Sometimes the part number of the cartridge will vary slightly from supplier to supplier - for example T2711, PI-T2711 and SYN-T2711 are the same item from different factories. Note that the numeric part usually stays the same.
Some manufacturers do use multiple reference numbers for the same parts though, which is confusing for everyone. If you're not sure that you have the correct ink, the quickest way to find out is to type your printer model number into the search bar on our website and compare what you have to the cartridges listed for your printer.

My printer model isn't listed on the box!

Most ink cartridges fit a large number of printers, and the manufacturers only list a handful of the most popular on the box.
As above, if in doubt you should search your printer on our website and compare the results with your new cartridge.

I've ordered XL cartridges, and my printer has standard size!

In almost all cases, a printer that takes standard capacity cartridges will take the high capacity version. As above, if you find the page for your printer on our website and the high capacity cartridges are listed, then they will fit.

The cartridges don't fit!

If the cartridges that you have ordered don't physically fit into the printer, then you should (after checking that you've ordered the right ones) ensure that any packaging or protective clips have been removed. These are usually, but not always, obvious. For example, one of our suppliers ships Epson compatible cartridges with a spacer between the body of the cartridge and the clip that is not included on the original version - this catches a few people by surprise.
Some cartridges may vary in physical appearance from one manufacturer to another. They can be significantly wider or longer in some cases, as different designs will take advantage of the space in the printer in different ways.

If we list the cartridge as suitable for your printer then we are confident that it will fit, so if you've established that you definitely have the right part number, please try it before contacting us.

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