Low toner or empty cartridge - laser printers

John Mc -

Many laser printers have a page counter that needs to be reset when a new cartridge is inserted. Occasionally, the reset fails and the printer will incorrectly report that a new cartridge is low or empty. This is not a fault with the cartridge, in these rare cases the count reset just needs to be performed manually.

Unfortunately, the process for this is different for every printer. Most of the processes are available online, and can be found by Googling "[your printer model number] toner reset". With many printers this will be a few seconds of pressing buttons on the printer control panel - it's just a question of knowing which buttons to press in which order!

If you cannot find a count reset process for your printer online, please contact us (email us on [email protected] or click the live chat button at the bottom right of the screen during business hours) and we will track it down for you.

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