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There are many problems with laser print that can be easily fixed, here are some of the most common:

Regular spotting or marking down the page

If you see spots, blobs, marks or even blank patches occurring at regular intervals (roughly every 2-3 inches) down the page, this is usually because of some dirt or loose toner stuck on the drum roller. This sometimes works itself free and the problem disappears after a few prints. If it does not, the roller will need to be cleaned. Remove the drum assembly and clean the roller with a non-scratch cloth - like a lens cleaning cloth - and this will solve the problem.

Faint or missing print on vertical section of page

If the print fades out in a vertical strip (usually to one side of the page) then it's probably because the toner is not distributed evenly in the cartridge - this can be caused by the cartridge being held vertically rather than horizontally during storage or shipping. You just need to remove the toner cartridge, gently shake it from side to side a few times to even out the toner, and replace it in the printer.

Loose toner on page - print is ok when toner shaken off

Sometimes a toner cartridge will release a little too much toner for the first dozen or so prints. This is not a fault with the cartridge, it's an occasional and unavoidable part of toner design. If the problem persists after 20-30 prints, please contact us for further advice.

Loose toner on page - print is missing when toner is shaken off

This has two possible causes. First, ensure that you are using appropriate media. Not all paper is suitable for laser printers, and most acetates will not work at all. If the media is correct, then the problem is with the fuser, the part of the printer that fixes the toner to the paper. The fuser has a much longer duty cycle than a toner cartridge, or even a drum, but will need to be replaced eventually. We sell fusers for most printers that allow user replacement, if we have one available it will be listed towards the bottom of the page for your printer on our website.



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